•       M.F.A. Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA 


•       B.A. Studio Art, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA




  • Instructor; Creative Careers, Spelman College Department of Art.

  • Adjunct professor of Art; GA. State University, Ernest G. Welch School of Art, Department of Photography.




  • Silenced Narratives: Black Americanx; curated by Shai Perry and Terrell Carter; Tipton Galleries, East Tennessee State University.

  • Religious Pluralism: Atlanta City Hall; Ashley Woods guest curator from the Nobel Museum

  • Tangibility of Faith: Solcumb Galleries; Eastern Tennessee State University.

  • Memory and Meaning: Masud Olufani: The Albany Museum of Art; Albany, GA.


·         Generations; Besharat Gallery; Atlanta, GA.

  • Southern Sampler; Tower Fine Arts Gallery; College at Bockport; Brockport, N.Y.

·         Trip Wire; Dodd Galleries; the University of Georgia Lamar Dodd School of Art.


•       Imprint: Past as Prologue; Solo ExhibitionSCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, GA.

•       Poetics of the Disembodied: Masud Olufani; Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia.

•       Personal Politics; The Hudgens Center of Art; Atlanta, GA.


•       Portalism; Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia; Atlanta, GA.

•       Frequencies; Beep Beep Gallery; Atlanta, GA.

•       Echoes; Lineage of the Spirit; Lilian Blades & Masud OlufaniThe Art Place; Marietta, GA.


•       Project Lift Artist SalonAtlanta, GA.

•       ContinuimThe Goat Farm Arts Center; Atlanta, GA.


•       Talent Loves CompanyThe Barbara Archer Gallery.  Atlanta, GA.

•       Tony Blair Foundation World Malaria Day Art Auction, Atlanta, GA.

•        Hambidge Center for the Arts, Art Auction, The Goat Farm Arts Center, Atlanta, GA.


•       MAO:  Residue.  Mason Muer Fine Art, Atlanta, GA

•       Action Mapping Whitespec Gallery. Atlanta, GA

•       MAO: Threading Through Memory.  Archetype Gallery. Atlanta, GA


•       Open Studio Savannah College of Art and Design.  Atlanta, GA

•       The New Pan-African Ideal. Archetype Gallery. Atlanta, GA

•       Facing Out & Looking In.   Underground Atlanta. Atlanta, GA


•       Open Studio.  Savannah College of Art and Design. Atlanta, GA


AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS                                                                            



  • Lecture; Past/Present/Future, Black Portraiture[s] Conference; Tisch School of the Arts Institute for Emerging Media, New York University.


  • Jacob Lawrence Lecture; The Jepson Center; Savannah, GA. Fall 2018.

  • Artist in Residence, 100 West Corsicana; Corsicana, Txs.

  • Finalist: National Black Arts Festival Visual Artist of the Year Award; Atlanta, GA.

  • IDEA Capital Grant Recipient; Atlanta, GA.


  • SCAD Alumni Mentor Award

  • Finalist: ARTADIA Award (Atlanta).

  • Southern Arts Prize Fellowship; Georgia.


•       Finalist: ATL Arts Luminary Award

•       Artist in Residence; the Vermont Studio Center; Winter 2016.


•       SCAD Alumni Atelier Award recipient; Savannah, GA; winter 2015.

•       MOCA GA Working Artist Project Grant; 2015-16.

•       Southwest Airlines Art and Social Engagement grant in conjunction with Emory University Center for

Ethics, Atlanta, GA.

•       Idea Capital Grant recipient; Atlanta, GA.


•       WonderRoot CSA Art Advisory Board; Atlanta, GA. 2015-present.

•       The Walthall Fellowship; Atlanta, GA. 2014-2015.

•       Creative Currents Artist in Residence; Portobello, Panama Summer 2013.

•       The Creatives Project Artist in Residence; Atlanta, GA. 2013-15.

•       Shortlisted for the MOCA GA Working Artist Grant, 2012.

•       Artist in Residence, Hambidge Center for the Arts and Sciences, Rabun, Ga; 2012.

•       Residency Fellowship, Fulton County Arts Council, Atlanta, GA. 2012

•       Full Graduate fellowship, Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA. 2009-12.



•       Fulton County Arts Council Grant, Atlanta, GA



•       Graduate fellowship, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA


•       CGR Art Advisors Scholarship recipient, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA



•       New Jersey Arts Council Grant.  Newark, N.J.






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Published Articles

  • Masud Olufani, “Artist Steve Locke’s Plans for a Memorial to the Slave Trade in Boston Have Been Derailed After Opposition From Activists”, posted July 18th, 2019.

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Listeners: Witnesses of the Trade (detail); 2016.

Listeners: Witnesses of the Trade (detail); 2016.