My objects aspire to be visual poems—works of art that reach beyond themselves to reveal something meaningful about the human experience.  I attempt to create work which blends formal elegance, emotional integrity, and spiritual resonance.  At the core of my creative impulse lies a principal which is diametrically opposed to the cynicism and doubt that seems to shape and define the zeitgeist—hope.  I still believe in the trans-formative potential of art; that in spite of the undertow of our overtly materialistic society the power of artistic expression rests in its ability to lift the spirit and inspire new ways of seeing.  It is this faith in the inherent potentialities latent within the vision of the artist that compels me to create.  

My studio practice reflects a profound interest in material relationships charged with sociological, and psychological implications.  I’m interested in how objects operate in both the objective and subjective realities and how cultural memory tethers those objects to individual and collective history.  Thematically my work addresses issues such as social destabilization; economic stratification; racial justice, and the soul’s aspiration for transcendence.  My devotion to craft and the slow methodical realization of an idea in visual form reflects my belief in the maker’s ability to imbue the object with spirit through physical labor, fueled by vision and creativity. 

Finally, I am a Baha'i and consistent with the teachings of my Faith my work is created in a spirit of service and a desire to do my part in carrying forward an ever advancing civilization.